Outdoor Studio/Greenhouse Newborn Session Information


Thank you for scheduling a newborn session with me! Here are some tips about Newborn sessions.



These are just a couple tips that will help you out at your appointment! Number one most important is to BRING BABY FED. You may need to feed baby soon after you get here, but it helps save on time if you have already fed him or her. If you are not comfortable breastfeeding and have already supplemented with a bottle please consider bring a bottle so that baby is comfortable and gets enough food during the session. 

**A great tip for newborns is to give them a bath/sponge bath prior to leaving. They are most often calm for the session.

*** Many, many newborns use a pacifier. It does help at many newborn sessions with fussy babies. I am not saying that this is a must, but if you are OK with using one it generally helps with those newborns who want to nurse all the time.  Please realize that many poses are not possible with an awake baby. Most babies want to suck when they are awake, so a pacifier is very helpful for photos. While I am 100% for breastfeeding, if it is their only way to settle it makes the session difficult it they are a baby that wants to suck all the time. Their own hands are not enough.

***You can wear anything you prefer for photos with baby, a white shirt is a good suggestion for the greenhouse. The greenhouse is really just white, green and browns.

**Please understand that newborns do best for photos up to 2 weeks.  If they are older, please expect that they will be awake for the session.  Newborn posing is difficult for awake newborns, so I will do my best to create the photos you are expecting, but it will be a much different session for a younger baby.

This is also true for a newborn that is awake.


** If baby has older siblings, please remember that while it may be nice to include them in the photos, sometimes it causes stress for the baby. Please have older siblings come the last 30 min of the session to take photos. The session can last up to 2 hours, so younger children often get bored and jealous of the new baby.

*Generally, for newborn sessions I ask that siblings are not there for the first 90 minutes. The outdoor studio may be further for some families so it is possible for you to bring siblings with, but please understand that they cannot be in the greenhouse while we are just taking photos of the baby. We do have paths Dad can take siblings to walk on, but there is a lot to get into so be prepared for that. I also ask that they not be left alone wandering our property.


**Scheduling newborn sessions around the schedule of older siblings is not preferred. While I completely understand that it is important to get a photo of siblings together, should you choose to change up the order of photos, please remember that newborns tend to stay awake after siblings are posed with them. This in turn means that you will spend quite a while getting them back to sleep. You will lose a great deal of time that you could have spent taking photos.  Time cannot be added onto the session because of this.  I do sibling photos at the end and have the best luck this way.


** If you are planning on big sister/brother photos…be aware that while big sister/brother shirts are cute, often times the lettering does not show, so they are not always the best outfits. Simple outfits for the older child are best. The newborn often looks best in just a wrap. I have what you will need. Because they are outside we will keep them covered more often than not. The greenhouse does stay warm and we do have heaters available in there too.


** Newborn sessions last up to two hours, please have enough diapers, wipes…formula if needed to feed baby during that time. Because babies are not being held and cuddled during this time they often eat more than normal, don’t be surprised!


**Please try not to over stimulate baby before the session, I promise it doesn’t help him/her sleep more during the session. MD appointments, visitors and shopping trips prior to the session can overstimulate baby.


** Please bring baby in an outfit that is easy to take off and leave the onesie off. The goal is to keep baby sleeping after taking him/her out of the seat.


**Sessions at the outdoor studio are more lifestyle than the Osseo studio. I will have props, but they will be simple sessions. This does NOT mean to bring props from home.  We will not be doing poses on beanbags and furs. Poses will be in bowls, buckets, props and in Mom and Dads arms.  Sibling photos will be simple.


** Please let me know if you have any requests for photos. I will do my best, but it all depends on how your little one cooperates for photos. Not all newborns pose the same. Not all babies sleep during the session.


**Lastly, you will be with me for up to 2 hours, babies do what they want during this time, cry, sleep, poop…pee…they all do it, we will get photos even if it doesn’t seem like it! Most often half of the session is spent feeding, changing and putting baby to sleep.


Do not expect to be taking photos this entire time. Please realize that if you are wanting sibling photos and family photos you will be spending less time with the actual newborn photos. Newborns cooperate at all different levels for photos.  Not all newborns will do all the poses you see on Pinterest.  Some newborns simply do not like to be naked and want to be wrapped the whole time. Each session is completely different. 

The most important this is to be patient. I know it is hard, you are exhausted, sleep deprived and want to finish with the session. Understand it takes time.  Baby runs the show!

See you soon!